Reading, meditating, writing down things you are grateful for about your life before bed are good habits to help you enjoy life more and stay healthy.

With just a few small notes before going to bed, you can improve your life a lot. It is also an ideal time for you to do your favorite errands without having to rush to finish daily tasks.

1. Read a book to cultivate yourself

There is nothing better than if you can read a book to cultivate and improve yourself every night before falling asleep. But be careful, if you choose to read a thrilling novel, like fiction and mystery, you will probably spend the night reading it.

2. Dental care

Brushing and flossing daily make a positive impact on your health. Just by having healthy gums, you can avoid the risk of some serious diseases like cardiovascular and respiratory diseases.

Moreover, you will have strong teeth in the long run if you train yourself good habits.

3. Prepare in advance for the next day

Prepare your clothes and food the night before so everything will not be disturbed and rushed into the next day.

4. Muscle relaxation

Stretching is a good daily exercise. Practicing regular stretching not only helps your joints function flexibly but also helps you sleep better.

5. Go to bed earlier than 15 minutes

Try going to bed 15 minutes earlier than intended. Not getting enough sleep and insomnia can seriously affect your health and productivity.

6. Wearing braces

Regular and aesthetic teeth will definitely bring you more confidence. So never forget to wear braces often offline.

7. Remove makeup before going to bed

You may be tired of applying makeup and removing make-up, but if you want healthy and natural skin, you should start that habit now.

Daily make up will clog pores and prevent sebum – a natural serum of your skin secreted to moisturize and function normally. Moreover, it can cause acne and if you do not wash your face carefully before going to bed, the dirt will cling to your face and destroy the collagen cell system to create unwanted wrinkles.

8. Write down the things you are grateful for

You can write down 1 to 3 things you feel grateful for in your journal and this work will help you think more positively in life.

Gratitude is always a powerful and effective tool that helps you appreciate what you currently have, which is now obvious. You can easily forget the daily negative and try to live a better life when encountering difficulties or obstacles. And gradually when you evoke positive thoughts in yourself, you will find your mind serenity and thoughts more effective.

9. Meditate

Meditation is a great habit for everyone. You can reduce stress and feel calm, more peaceful in life.

The benefits of meditation are endless, you will remember better, be more creative and have less anxiety.