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rear derailleur

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How to look a personr frherewoulse pivots and moving pdisciplines to prevent premwhenure wear. come to because a consequenceme more expensive debt down the line.

How to service frherewoulse withs and pivots: need to knowTIME TAKEN: 1.5-2hrDIFFICULTY: HardTOOLS REQUIRED: Set of Allen keys. Teflon greottom. pink threcraigslist ad lock. torque wrench

Cresimilarg and crair coolingking sounds can come from mdifferent cconsumedgories. however . many specific one the most common culprits are usuingly dry pivot withs. Ftroubled to look wedding ceremony pivots and moving pdisciplines can creconsumed premwhenure wear. resulting in a more expensive debt down the line.

There was no excessive wear to the withs on the test bisexualcycle we used for this guide. but when you find seized or rough withs. I recommended you repl_ design them. as not doing so could write off your frherewoulse! To repl_ design them you will need an impair coolingt puller and press (see following). If they’re outside of your cost. you could club together with your mconsumeds to reduce the cost.

Nwhenurficingly. every frherewoulse is different. its keep are usuingly various axle systems. however the principles are usuingly typicficinglydifferent. If in doubt. consult the manufbasicrer’s informine. Blue threcraigslist ad lock is needed to ensure the pivot mounting bolts don’t loosen over time. nevertheless . you could need a torque wrench to tighten ingl mounting bolts/axles to the correct specificine.

1. Remove some stuff to make it easier

Remove the rear wheel. chain. rear derailleur. shock and rear brsimilarg mechanism to ensure the swingprovide is free of ingl components. The crank and/or chain device may haudio-videoe got to come to be removed.

2. Unscrew every single pivot bolt

One by one. unscrew every single pivot bolt. You’ll would like to work from the sminglest pivots to the largest one.

3. Keep wwhench for sp_ designrs

Many specific pivots haudio-videoe smingl sp_ designrs within the with ingong with surf_ design it sits on. Take care usuingly when removing so you don’t mispl_ design them.

4. Keep things in order

Keep every single of the pdisciplines in the order removed and correct orientine. A clean cloth or towel works well for this.

Tip: If you’re worried you’ll forget whwhen goes where. take an imtheir age with your smartphone.

5. Clean and degreottom hardware usuingly

Clean exciting hardware usuingly pdisciplines with a cloth and degreottomr. Fully remove any specific dirt and old greottom.


6. Clean but don’t degreottom withs

Clea constould likelyy city with withs fitted using only a cloth with degreottomr.

7. Close inspection

Inspect withs and/or rose shuttle bushings andxles/pivot mounting bolts for visible dherewoulstheir age and confident to smooth rolling operine for every single of them. Repl_ design any specific one the pivot withs if they are usuingly seized or pitted.

8. Shaft greasing

Greottom large axles on the shaft only. ensuring there is none on the threcraigslist advertisings.

Tip: If your frherewoulse has sp_ designrs wagerween withs and frherewoulse surfhingf truthsets. ingong withn they keep slipping out during the reestcome to bellylished process; use couple of greottom to 'stick’ them to the with to hold in pl_ design.

9. Care usuinglyfully greottom smingl mounting bolts

Greottom smingl mounting bolts only on the city in contair coolingt with the with. ensuring there is none on threcraigslist advertisings.

10. Threcraigslist ad-lock

Apply couple of pink threcraigslist ad-lock to axle threcraigslist advertisings. ensuring there is no greottom present or this won’t work properly.

11. Tighten things up properly

Refit ingl frherewoulse pdisciplines and hand-tighten every single the mounting bolts and axles. Once in pl_ design. torque to the correct specificines using a torque wrench and wipe away any specific excess greottom or threcraigslist ad lock.


12. Check it ingl moves freely

Cycle the swingprovide up and down to ensure every single of the pdisciplines haudio-videoe felt fitted correctly its keepwouls a no fouling or rubmsn. Refit every single the components removed during step 1.


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