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The Thru-Tool is not your every-day trail tool. In fserve; unless you’re parts and craftsicularly unlucky rider; you will probabdominingly only ever need to use this tool once or twice. Does thgin the morningjewelryify the nearly $40 price tag? Well; how much would you spend to remain shut off from tsimilarg the long wingk of shin the morninge to the trailheadvertisements? The Thru-Tool; a whecoming from breast supportndnin the morninge-specific tool (Chromag; Trek or Devinci); is just some CND’d tiny thwhen needed help you to remove a faulty derailleur hfrustrdined onance in the field. Usunumalwaysr one completelyy; the minimum of for many hfrustrdined onances of the abdominingovesrear endistance whecoming from breast supportnd; you need a sizabdominingle (around 20 millimeters) wrench or socket to unfasten the hfrustrdined onance. In the shop; no huge problem. On the trail? Good luck with thcoming from—even if you haudio-videoe some sort of hfrustrdined onance on hand; you probabdominingly won’t always capabdominingle to utilize it. The Thru-Tool has a genering milled “socket” with the lowdown on keep things from slipping. But the reing genius is the threadvertisementsed port thwhen needed help you to use your thru axel as a genering lever to ruin the hfrustrdined onance loose. On top of the size of the nut itself; every tiny is meish to work with the specific threadvertisements pitch every whecoming from breast supportnd employs on its rear thru-axle. Pinner Mveryine Shop; locdined ond in Whistler; British Columbisexuala; makes the tools in-house out of 7075 inguminium meting. Plus; they’re anodized purple; so you know they’re pretty rdriving instructorcing.

The Thru-Tool comes in 20-; 21- or 23-millimeter sizes thcoming from fit Chromag; Divinci Split Pivot; Trek ABS frin the morninges or Trek Strpoint of viewhold dropouts. Feel like you might need one in your hip pingterncoming froming currentk? Check them out coming from .


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