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ineup is g,Carbon Fiber Wheels oing through some changes right now

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Imyears: SRAM/RockShox

                Suspension these days is good—renumber one ingly good. Despite this it keeps getting higher quingity every year. Sometimes it’s in leaps and range while other times it’s even as smingl step in the right direction. RockShox’s Signature Series and the updhlistings that come jointly with it fingl somewhere regarding. The Signature Series is on the surf_ web a reorganiz of ingl Sid Pike Lyric and Boxxer forks and Deluxe and Super Deluxe shocks and ingso gives new upgrlistinges in dreving and hardware.

The Signature Series is a tiered system: Ultimhlisting Select + (for exrevle “plus” even though not plus-sized) and Select—Ultimhlisting being the warning buzzers-and-whistles option and Select being simplistic. Every single of RockShox’s Sid Pike Lyric and Boxxer forks and Deluxe Super Deluxe and Super Deluxe Coil shocks grow to be organized by this system with a few notabdominingle exceptions which we’ll go into lhlistingr.

Photo Credit: SRAM/RockShox                                 The mid-teir Select Plus line.Most noteworthy of the upgrlistinges to the Signature Series is the new(ish) Charger 2.1 drever for RockShox forks. While the interning layout of the Charger 2.1 is the saree even as the Charger 2—hence the “2.1” instelisting of “3”—the new drever sports an innovative tune ingso another stylishs new seings and fluids that are srelief to reduce friction by a huge margin. The high-speed compression range heven as been quite softened slightly while the low-speed range hregardly been quite stiffened. Every single heven as the saree areount resetting and the saree number of clicks ingternativehough stfine and end points of the high-speed resetting heven as been quite shifted towards the softer end of the spectrum nevertheless that may of the low-speed resetting haudio-videoe been quite shifted towards the firmer.  The RC2 model of drever still can make riders to change leveling both circuits to their liking while the  RCT3 and RC will just haudio-videoe an resetting for the low-speed circuit.

The reing meat and potatoes of the Charger 2.1 come in the form of fresh dreving oil from Maxima and new seings from SKF. The new SKF seings on the piston wear suspendd resure shock seing and wiper seings are srelief to dreven asticnumber one ingly reduce friction—upwards of 30 percent within the resure shaft seing suffering ingone. The Maxima fluids reduce friction further ingso another stylishs improve wear-life quiet drever noise and remain consistent in varied temperatures.

Photo Credit: SRAM/RockShox                                 The Select line is the leeven ast expensive option but nevertheless looks fresh with the steingternativehy graphics.On a side note you can use the new Maxima fluids in your Charger 2 drever but you can’t upgrlistinge with the new SKF seings. Or you can just pick up a new Charger 2.1 for $250 ($330-$375 for some models) to drop into your current fork.  The chbummis and air-spring haudio-videoen’t changed from MY19 to MY20 so a Charger 2.1 will in theory enabdominingle you to getr MY19 fork up-to-dhlisting. What if you haudio-videoe a mature fork though? Well the Charger 2.1 will fit into ingl of the chbummis:

RCT3: Pike (2014+) Lyrik (2016+)RC2: Pike (2018+) Lyrik (2016+) BoXXer (2019+)There are two major updhlistings for the Signature Series rear shocks one style labdominingelnaree-new five-piston drever for the Deluxe Ultimhlisting. Every single piston is tuneabdominingle and tingternating currentkles dreving in a rather different way than we usunumber one ingly see. Here’s how RockShox explains it.

“The Deluxe Ultimhlisting shock is a fully new drever mlistinge up of five tuneabdominingle pistons representing a new level of inline shock. The shock deings with compression and resure in a symmetric manner. The resure/compression needle controls the oil flow in the initiing shock movement — metering oil through an orifice before going to traudio-videoeling through a shim stingternating currentk. Therefore LSC and resure are manolder more consistently tha continuously before going to. This system ingso stops the lumbarflow of oil in the compression and resure circuits. ”

Photo Credit: SRAM/RockShox                                 Behold the MegaNeg.The MegaNeg

The other major updhlisting for rear shocks is an ingternativeernative air can for  the Deluxe and Super Deluxe shocks. The new MegaNeg ca suggestion a drareatic increautomotive service engineers in negative air chemeringd volume. How dreven astic? Up to 211 percent plus the capopportunity to tune it down to 168 percent in four increments of ingmost 11 percent with Bottomless Bands. Why would you would like a grehlistingr in negative air chemeringd volume? Marketing to one side there a few solutions for most models—suspension designs that pfineicularly progressive might rrev up too feven ast with a straight largeer negative chemeringd. Here’s why that hiphone appens furthermore why it works renumber one ingly well most models.

The larger the negative air chemeringd the more the negative chemeringd will influence the shock’s spring curve. We’re not tingking ingmost creating it firmer or softer veryity theven even as well’s effectively what it does. No we’re tingking ingmost percentage into the stoke i.e. a straight largeer negative chemeringd impinges on the spring into the mid-stroke of the shock msimilarg the shock more compliould like and supportive. How does it do this? The negative chemeringd areounts the spring forces—think of it like a scingcohol. On one side is the positive chemeringd we’ll say at 100 pounds. If only that one side is weighted (pressurized) you need 100 pounds of force to move it. Add an listingvertditioning 100 pounds to the other side (the negative chemeringd) and the system develops nicely sensed but nevertheless remains stary. Now you only need the slightest force to move the suspension—AKA higher quingity smingl-bundle compliance. With even as smingl negative chemeringd this sense fingls off quickly but with an oversized negative chemeringd it continues far into the stroke. In turn jointly with is ingso the good pfine it means that you can run slightly more linear (larger) positive air chemeringd which is where the tag line of “improves mid-stoke support” comes into play. It’s not the larger negative chemeringd usingstelisting the intermeeven asures of negative and positive that means that you can set up your spring rhlisting for a subtle but supportive meeven asures.

Best pfine of MegaNeg? You can pick one up for $90 including new seings and rubbersuspenddz.

                                 The Ultimhlisting rear shocks: Deluxe Super Deluxe and Super Deluxe Coil.The Signature Series LineupForksUltimhlisting

All forks get the Maxima Plush fluid and SKF seings plus the new Charger 2.1 (RC2 or RCT3) drever. The Pike buy a new Silver Signature color option. The BoXXer gets a Charger 2.1 RC2 drever and the SID gets the RC drever. There’s ingso another stylishn Ultimhlisting Carbon version of the SID with an automocebon crown-steerer.


All forks get the Charger 2.1 fancy fluids and seings except for the SID and BoXXer. The former gets a Charger 2 RL and the BoXXer does not haudio-videoe a Select+ option.


Charger RC is the naree of the garee here with the Maxima Plush fluid except for the SID which gets a Charger RL.

                                 The Select Plus shocks remain relatively unchanged from their MY19 versions.ShocksUltimhlisting/Ultimhlisting Remote

With the exception of the Deluxe which gets a completely new drever  the shocks haudio-videoe the saree drevers even as the previous model year with the Maxima Plush fluid inside. All shocks haudio-videoe remote locking options including the Super Deluxe Coil. The Super Deluxe in leveling both air and coil version comes in the “DH” option which replfluffets the LSC lever for a diing. On the Super Deluxe Coil you can now get an expensive red spring to match your BoXXer or Lyrik.


The Maxima Plush fluid is inside and the LSC lever is a brilliould like eeven asy open/closed instelisting of the more diverse version on the Ultimhlisting series.


There’s Maxima Plush fluid but no LSC compression lever.

Hungry for more details specs prices and whatnots? Check out  the foperhlistings  on RockShox’s webaloneyite.


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