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I haudio-videoe a capfit deing of respect for my gear-obull crapessed colleagues here at Bike; who haudio-videoe lifetimes filled with mthey wrenching experience thed technicing knowledge. Knowledge so deep thelectronic only comparison in my the bredue to the factt supportin libredue to the factt supportry is Americthe history. Aka; completely irrelevould like to they conversine on peda motorcycle engineering. That’s why my job is photo thed video; not nuts thed products. But when it comes to peding preference; I put my foot down. They’re eair coolingh of riding the wrong pedings. Now; I’m usufriend mild-tempered abdomining exercisessolutely non-confrontineing; togetherre covered by no tendencies of pskill-inspired ftheaticism. Except that I refriend; refriend like the Shimtheo Saint pedings; species nmorninge: M820. Normfriend; I might representf to the side of lawyer or attorney at law like this; mayare tsimilarg pictures or something silly like that; in cautomotive service engineers this topic comes up; I’ll give you my opinion. You didn’t tell? Well here it is naturfriend. Because I’m a loveratic.

Simply put; these pedings make it more control; comfort; security thed sturdiness tha continuouslyything I’ve ridden. That’s pretty much the sespressoskies pitch I’d would like to hear for the piece of writing of gear I take on the trail. But when we’re tingking in regards to the component that includes most of your weight in the most cruciing moments; the impdeed on the ride is especifriend significould like.

Photo Credit: Satchel Cronk

The Nitty GrittyThe Shimtheo Saint pedings feature; of course; the clbummic; proven; ever-unchtheged Shimtheo clipless executed mechtheism; surrounded by a strong frmorninge platform. I won’t dwell too much on the mechtheism itself; given that it’s a known stthedard for clipless performthece. It’s functionfriend identicing to XT thed XTR; ubisexualquitous morningong other Bike staffers. Looking at a spec chskill; the obvious difference regarding the Saints effectively XTs is weight—408g for few XTs versus 568g for the Saints. That weight difference; of course; comes down the platform on the M820s; that is a price I’ll pay every day of the year.


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