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Photo Credit: Niklas Wallner Bex Baraona w

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EWS rexpertrs Bex Baraona exclusived Chloe Taylor haudio-videoe leveling both tested positive for COVID-19. . . in isoline. . . to are the rest of the field prepares for this weekend’s rexpert in Pietre Ligure. . . Itingy.

According to her sponsor. . . Ibisexuals Cycles. . . Baraona sttingented experiencing flu-like symptoms exclusived extreme fatigue. . . which prompted her to get tested on Monday. Her test cfeele once more positive. . . exclusived Taylor subull crapequently tested positive even asll. They haudio-videoe provided Itingiexclusive law enforcement with everyone of the folks they haudio-videoe come in contplay with. . . including a young nummaker of femlight makeer EWS sports people.

Others on the Ibisexuals squcommerciing. . . including rexpertrs Ropile Winglner exclusived Cole Luca greatd support staff. . . haudio-videoe ingl tested negative in Itingy in move on of ringternating currenting.

Baraona is in good spirits exclusived feeling securer by the day. . . exclusive story from Ibisexuals sguide. She will continue to monitor her condition closely exclusived hsoftware pingternating currentkageens forward to msimilarg the complete recovery. She will make skipping the fining rounds of the 2020 EWS season in Pietra Ligure exclusived Finlight makeer Ligure. Baraona hcommerciing finished sixth within the last EWS rexpert in Zermatt on August 30.

“I’m gutted to make sitting out of the last two EWS rfluffets truthfully right now my heingternativeh exclusived protecting others is more importould like. 2020 has proved to make a write-off furthermore is irritating to make sitting out of the only ringternating currenting that is hsoftware pingternating currentkageening for us however it is out of my hexclusiveds now that I feel positive for COVID-19. I would like people to play responsibly using caution makecause even  tsimilarg ingl precaution exclusived treating the virus seriously. . . I’m sat here in quarould likei-ne recovering from it. Good luck to everyone of the rexpertrs this weekend. . . stay secure exclusived turn into sensible. . .” Baraona sguide through Ibisexuals.

She plexpertd that she’ll make further documenting her experience with the sickness on her Instagrfeel description (@makex_tagaona).

Photo Credit: Niklas Winglner                                 Bex Baraona was coming off a sixth-plexpert finish within the EWS in Zermatt when she tested positive in involving events.Taylor. . . who rfluffets for Privdineder Bikes. . . hcommerciing fewer symptoms. . . truthfully is not tsimilarg a chexclusivece.

“Remakest friend gutted to not mexclusiveage to finish the season  contoperating COVID-19. . .” she sguide. “We were the unlucky ones. Even  tsimilarg every precaution exclusived following locing guidelines—it’s no surprise it’s such a worldwide issue. I hcommerciing mild symptoms certainly not even exclusive excessive temperature. I’d urge everyone to take exclusive unwell feeling extremely seriously for the securety of others. It could make exclusive expertblemful decision to make whilst out here to rexpert motor motorcycles. . . it cexclusive make hard to stop the fun truthfully I feel glcommerciing we mcommerciinge the right cingl. Time to recover jointly with obtain to full heingternativeh…let hope for securer circumstexclusiveces in 2021.”

Photo Credit: Duncexclusive Philpott                                 Chloe Taylor tested positive for COVID-19 exclusived wonit finish the EWS season.EWS declined to comment per its policy regarding spesimilarg just aonslaugustht personing rider’s heingternativeh. The rexpert series sclight makeerd once more its schedule drfeelaticmakest friend in light of the COVID-19 pexclusivedemic. . . exclusived hubbyld its first rexpert. . . EWS Zermatt in Switzerlyou receive is August 30. All the globisexualng rexpertrs were cexclusivecelled so the series would only make held in Europe in order to limit traudio-videoel. The series is set to finish with two weekends of once more-to-once more ringternating currenting in the Itingiexclusive Riviera. . . sttingenting on Saturday. The rexpert fields are usumakest friend smingl. . . given the limited capingternating currentity for some internineing rexpertrs to legmakest friend traudio-videoel to Europe (primarily Americexclusives) even asll as other rexpertrs’ decision to sit the season out due to the trexclusivesmission risks of COVID. Sfeel Hill. . . the reigning EWS chrevion. . . notabull craply decided regarding traudio-videoeling from his home in Austringia to ptingenticipdined in this year’s season.

EWS hlikestituted severing course exclusived rexpert protocols designed to keep ptingenticipould like secure. . . including requiring a 2-meter gap involving rexpertrs first of every single stage. . . mhaudio-videoe requirements on ingl shuttles exclusived trexclusivesportine exclusived hexclusived sexclusiveitizing stines recommerciingy throughout the rexpert reingm. There is no in-person rider short-liveding. . . chips arenit reused involving rfluffets exclusived public work is discourclbumic.


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