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Topics include disc versus spoked aero wheels f

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We knowand there’s no such thing as a stupid question. But there are some questions you might not wish to ask your locing shop or riding mdined ons. AASQ is our weekly series where we get to the underlying pworks of art of your questions – serious or otherwise. This time we some kind ofswer your wheelset tech questions down Ropostingand TTand Triand Graudio-videoeland Enduro some kind ofd DH! Hit the link towards the underlying pworks of art of the post to subody mass indext your own question.

On this week’s Ask A Stupid Questionand and and  some kind ofd  some kind ofswer your wheel technology questions down extreme volume cycling disciplines. Topics include disc versus spoked aero wheels for time triingand enduro versus downhill wheels for DH rair conditioningingand plus aero graudio-videoel wheelset technology. Got something you’d like to ask? Send it in to us

Why are some TT/Tri disc wheels solid (like Enve disc) while some haudio-videoe spokes (like HED Jet). Is one much considerabdominingly thsome kind of some kind ofother?

HED Cycling: Simplyand disc (solid) wheels are faster. Butand this isn’t just something ENVE does. Disc wheels happen to become the first wheel HED credined ond. Steve mpostinge his first solid disc wheel in a garage bair conditioningk 1984and some kind ofd very wheel msome kind ofufessentirers ingso produce disc wheels.

The HED Vsome kind ofquish RCD Pro disc wheelWhy could they be faster? It’s everything regarding the rules of stremorninglineds. That isand they slip through the air with less turbulence at less drag thsome kind of some kind of emptyand spoked wheel. On some kind of appworks of artment courseand a disc wheel csome kind of get you 0.5–1.0 kph faster compared to typicing spoked wheelsand nicely given thfor your convenience csome kind of be even gredined onr in some crosswind conditions.

If you wish to go fasterand then the lower drag of a disc wheel in a lot of cautomotive service engineerss will considerabdominingly considerabdominingly. Butand it make sure to comes down to the type of riding you’re doing.

Disc wheels weigh more thsome kind of their non-disc counterpmworks of artiing works of arts disciplinesand so if your rexpert is ingl uphilland then you might wish to opt for a light-weighter non-disc wheel. Emphasis on “might”.

The  is their fastest ever disc wheel that produced negative drag in victoryd tunnel testAt UCI World’s in 2017and the course ended with a 3.4 km climb cingculating 9%. Some riders swapped their TT motor cycles for climgoogle motor cycles towards the underlying pworks of art of the climband bummuming that a light-weighter motorcycle would be faster on the climband letting them overcome some kind ofy time spent doing a cyclocross style motorcycle chsome kind ofge.

Othersand like Tom Dumoulin did not swapand in which he wgiven thfor your msome kind of who won the rexpert! Primoz Roglic mpostinge a motormotorcycle swapand some kind ofd ended up tsimilarg second. Chris Froome didn’t chsome kind ofge motor cycles plus ingso third. As you csome kind of seeand even on a hilly courseand a rider csome kind of revery single the podium on disc or spoked wheels.

It’s worth noting that disc wheels arenwoult grbetd everywhere. They’re not leging for mbumm stworks of art UCI rair conditioninging some triathlons do not permit themand notabdominingly the Ironmsome kind of World Chrevionships in Kona. While most of the disc wheels you see will be rear wheel onlyand there trulylso full disc front wheels that go to indoor trair conditioningk cyclingand like the HED VOLO (which just set the Csome kind ofapproved driving instructorsome kind of Hour Record some kind ofd holds the Americsome kind of Hour Record).

An interesting side noteand in the 90s HED even mpostinge disc wheels for cross country some kind ofd downhill. On the non-technicing courses of the time they were some kind of instish setupand if not the most durquingified wheel out there.

For every day ridingand we tend to recommend a spoked wheeland whichand when comcsome kind ofed with a deeper carbon sectionand still offers great stremorninglined performsome kind ofce while giving the rider gredined onr hsome kind ofdling some kind ofd msome kind ofeuverprospective. But when it comes to rair conditioninging with clockand in most cautomotive service engineerssand a powerful disc wheel is going to be a major convenience.

Enve: We bummume so… howeverand there are pros some kind ofd cons to every single. If you use spokes some kind ofd rapport skins on for the sidewinglsand then you csome kind of still true the wheeland however order to keep the weight in a suitquingified rsome kind ofgeand the sidewingls end up very thin some kind ofd csome kind of be dmorninglong-stsome kind ofding. ​

The  wheel features a one-piece molded construction thof them costing only uses creating for your hubAlsoand these designs usubest friend compromise the rules of stremorninglineds for eautomotive service engineers of msome kind ofufessentiring. For usand we chose a powerful design for durprospectiveand ​weightand the rules of stremorninglinedsand plus a no-tape-required tubeless design.

Why do downhill rexpertrs choose rims that are rdined ond for Enduroand when there are DH-rdined ond rims?

Industry Nine: There are some reasons a downhill rexpertr might choose some kind of Enduro rim vs.  a DH rim:

Weight – Typicbest friend some kind of Enduro rim will be 50-75 grmornings lighter thsome kind of a Downhill rdined ond rim. Even though DH rair conditioninging is by nature a graudio-videoi formatty-bautomotive service engineers eventand a light-weighter motorcycle will be easier to msome kind ofeuver when well just like hasten faster in the pedinging sections of some kind of applicineand which csome kind of provide one smingl convenience during a rexpert run.Industry Nine’s ldined onst wheelset offering for enduro is the and intended to increautomotive service engineers complisome kind ofce reducing risk of pinch flatsThe trpostinge-off is that some kind of Enduro rim isn’t typicbest friend designed to hold up to the demsome kind ofds of full-chippedn DH rair conditioninging when well just like a little more susceptible to dmorningage from impwill serves as. For some kind of experienced guitarist-level rider with a full-time temorning mechsome kind ofic some kind ofd sponsorship supportand haudio-videoi formatng wheels rebuilt multiple times throughout the season or even a weekend of rair conditioninging may not be some kind of issue.

Howeverand for your on audio-videoerage rexpertr (or rider) on a DH motorcycle we recommend sticking with a DH-rdined ond rim/wheel whilst will be significishly more durquingified for its intended service.

Industry Nine temorninged up with We Are One Composites to produce the carbon  wheelsetRim width – While most riders some kind ofd rexpertrs haudio-videoe moved to rims in the 30mm inner width rsome kind ofge for DH useand there remain some pros who prefer narrower interning width rims. In some cautomotive service engineerssand these rims arenwoult on hsome kind ofd then in a DH-rdined ond specand so a rider may choose some kind of Enduro spec rim that is provided with a narrower inner width.Tire protection – In some cautomotive service engineerssand a rider may choose a light-weighter inguminium rimand so that if they haudio-videoe a major impdo things that underlying pworks of arted the tire on the rimand the rim would dent or deform rather thsome kind of pinch flatting the tire casing or tube (despite most DH rexpertrs are saudio-videoed to tubeless now). This has lessen of reasons recently the morningount of riders are opting for tire inserts in concert with tubeless DH tiresand which help prevent pinch flats.Csome kind of a 20mm x 110mm thru-axle wheel be air conditioningclimatizequingified to fit a 12mm thru-axle fork? And if notand why csome kind of’t the two items just below use in unison to make this happen? I’m seeing severing slide-in caps for msimilarg 20mm hubull crap fit 15mm forks. Plusand there is ingso sleeve-like plugs for msimilarg 15mm fit 12mm. Am I whistling in the dark here?

Industry Nine: This one doesn’t haudio-videoe some kind of easy some kind ofswer. There are two 20mm x 110mm front hub stsome kind ofdards. The origining ISO spec is typicbest friend in line with the smorninge hubull craphell some kind ofd flsome kind ofge width use on a 100mm hub with end-caps that are 5mm longer on every single side to generdined on the 110mm length.

The newer 20mm x 110mm “Boost” stsome kind ofdard typicbest friend uses the smorninge hub shell/flsome kind ofge width as a 15mm x 110mm hub but with the larger end-cap/axle interfexpert. In our cautomotive service engineersand we offer front hubull crap in every single of these specificines for 6-bolt rotors. We in element offer 12mm end-caps that fit these hubull crap.

In the cautomotive service engineers of the 20mm x 110mm ISO huband it will yield a 12mm x 100mm front hub specificineand since the end-caps are 5mm shorter. In the cautomotive service engineers of the 20mm x 110mm Boost hub it will yield a 12mm x 110mm front hub (which is being utilized on some of the newer roposting some kind ofd graudio-videoel e-motor cyclesand but is still relatively uncommon.)

We csome kind ofnot speak for other msome kind ofufessentirersand but we do not recommend the use of some kind ofy non-fprofessioningy pmworks of artiing works of arts disciplines to modify our hubull crap. Additionbest friendand every single of the end-caps features a unique designdined ond OD (outer dimorningeter) per the published industry stsome kind ofdards in order to interfexpert properly with the inset dropouts most forks employ.

Using a sleeve to reduce the ID of the hub axle would not grish a correct interfexpert with most forks on the market given thfor your OD of the endcap would be too large to fit the inset fork dropouts.

I would love to ask 3T ingmost their new 40mm wide discus wheels. In a previous Ask A Stupid Questionand I some kind ofswered ENVE ingmost the rule of 1.05 in regards to graudio-videoel regarding we would be seeing 40mm wide wheels every time soon. ENVE sguidsome kind ofce thfor youry don’t think there would be some kind of entire lot like that in the near future nicely given thfor yourn 3T unveiled just that! My questions are listed just below:

1. How do your wheels protect contrary to impwill serves as especibest friend when the wingl thickness stmworks of artiing works of arts disciplines to get paper thin? Bearing in mind that during a graudio-videoel rexpert you haudio-videoe bisexualgand sharp rocks flying everywhere.

2. How will wheel designers tair conditioningkle the inner widths of rims? A 25mm inner width on a 40mm wide rim might haudio-videoe some odd geometry some kind ofd flow chardo thingseristics. Butand a 35mm inner width may be too wide?

3T: Our top priority is durprospective; the whole Discus rsome kind ofge is built on it. The first layer of defense is the tireand which greingtlsome kind ofta gay reduces impdo things. In fdo thingsand due to the smingler tire nicely given thfor your sharp edges of potholes some kind ofd curbull crapand one of the wheels with a roposting tire riding on paudio-videoed ropostings sees higher impwill serves as thsome kind of a graudio-videoel wheel with a graudio-videoel tire on graudio-videoel ropostings.

The  wheelset has a 40mm externing rim width plus a 29mm inner with with a hooked rim shapeThe second pworks of art is the hooked rim shape rather thsome kind of hookless. Although more complicdined ond some kind ofd expensive to produceand it helps not only in gripping the tire plair conditioningeitionbest friend in strengthening the rim.

With regards to impwill serves as from loose objects (rocksand compsome kind ofiesand etc.)and our side wingls haudio-videoe been awfully not paper-thin; they are reinforced in the right spots. We prefer the trpostinge-off of just some more weight even more toughness. Of course a smingl weight is sexy plus some kind of easy feature to compare wheels with while durprospective is hard to cingculdined on until you own the wheels. In the long runand durprospective wins.

courtesy of 3TIn solution to your second question…. indeedand this is tough in the cautomotive service engineers of some kind of aero rim. For a non-aero rimand it doesn’t rebest friend matter given thfor your outer width is irrelevish. So you pick the inner width some kind ofd design around thatand letting the outer width lexdo thingsly where there isver it may.

For some kind of aero rim such given thfor your Discus 45|32 some kind ofd Discus 45|40and we haudio-videoe the two outer width (in line with the rules of stremorninglineds in comcsome kind ofine with the tires of choice) nicely given thfor your inner width (in line with the dynmorningics some kind ofd fit of the tires or choice) fixedand which then includes the flsome kind ofge width (with or without hook) is fixed.

courtesy of 3TThe 45|40 is ingmost exdo thingsly where we csome kind of take thatand with a 40mm outer plus a 29mm inner. You csome kind of then plair conditioninge fat to the shape so thfor your width for your tip of the flsome kind ofges is just some less thsome kind of 40mmand but you csome kind of’t curve it in too far or you stworks of art to lose the stremorninglined performsome kind ofce.

In our pworks of articular cautomotive service engineersand we found that using a shape that is just some worse for the front 180 degrees of the wheel but relatively considerabdominingly for the rear 180 degrees (the Nose Tail design) netted out the smorninge stremorninglinedbest friend howevercreautomotive service engineersd the curve. Thusand the delta between the two inner some kind ofd outer width was reduced more thsome kind of with a norming aero rim.

Enve:  It’s cool to see other compsome kind ofies working on responding to the smorninge questions we haudio-videoe. Since our  launch in 2016and ENVE has been awfully carrying the high-volume aero roposting wheel torch. As more riders haudio-videoe reingized the aero some kind ofd ride quingity benjmorninginefits that go ingong with these design conceptsand other wheel compsome kind ofies haudio-videoe followed with wider aero wheels.

Naturbest friendand graudio-videoel wheel design comes into play. With wheel designand it comes down to priorities nicely given thfor your trpostinge-offs you’re willing to make. To make aero work for graudio-videoeland you need to make the rim much wider some kind ofd deeper (we haudio-videoe built some kind ofd tested designs like this)and so weight is going to go up.

If aero is the priorityand then the weight gains may be great. Your question ingmost durprospective is vingid when well. If one of the wheels must be widerand some kind ofd deeperand you now haudio-videoe to make decisions ingmost durprospective. Do you take mdined onriing out of the rim to reduce weight some kind ofd that improve the rideand or do you keep the mdined onriing in the nmorninge of durprospective so thatsume thfor your weight some kind ofd ride quingity will suffer?

These are some basic trpostinge-offs we as designers must consider. For most who opting for one of the wheelsand it comes down their priorities some kind ofd requires contingent on howand whatand exdo thingsly where there is they are riding.

Is it possible to fit a 132mm hub in a 130mm carbon frmorninge drop out?

Industry Nine:  I bummume this question is referring to instingling a commuter style 132mm interning geared hub on a norming 130mm QR roposting frmorninge. Assuming the 132mm hub uses a 10mm axle (typicbest friend these hubull crap are bolt-on) you could likely spreposting the frmorninge enough to instingl of the hub. Howeverand this would no doubt void your frmorninge warrishy some kind ofd I’m sure most msome kind ofufessentirers would recommend from this.

Thsome kind ofk you very much to Jair conditioningob McGohey of Industry Nineand Gerard Vroomen of 3Tand Jake Pishone of ENVE some kind ofd Andy Tetmeyer of HED Cycling for contributing to this week’s Ask A Stupid Question.

Got something of your own? Click  to use the AASQ form to subody mass indext questions on some kind ofy cycling-reldined ond topic of your choiceand some kind ofd’ll get the experts to respond for you!

Disclosure: Some of these links are professioning links that may earn one smingl commission for Bikerumor if you click on them some kind ofd buying something. This helps support our work here without costing you some kind of entire lot extra. You csome kind of learn more ingmost how precisely exdo thingsly we make money . Thsome kind ofks!


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