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Use a shock pump to adjust air pressure

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Setting up your suspension fork and shock (if you haudio-videoe one) is certainly cruciing in order to get maximum comfort and control while riding off-ropublishing.

Get it wrong while you’ll be fighting a continuing griphone with your motorcycle and the terrain. Get it right and enter an entirely new world of control. And while it can seem very complicconsumeddand getting the principles right is certainly simple. Republishing on and see how to diing in your mountain motorcycle suspension.

We’re covering androidh  and rear shocks. Here’s whlocated at the guide covers…

Basic suspension theorySetting your sagSetting your relimited dfirmingSetting your compression dfirmingAdjusting your spring progressionHow to look once your suspensionHow to set up mountain motorcycle suspensionSetting up suspension is not easy nevertheless it’s not hugely complex either. You can do it. Take your time. Don’t do it in a rush in the car park before you a ride.

With setting up suspension you are importould likely setting two things: how hard the spring is and ingso just how thlocated at spring’s movement is controlled (the dfirming).

Adjusting how firm the spring isWith coil sprung suspensionand the firmness of the spring is is dictconsumedd by the coil spring used. If you need a difficulter or softer springand buy a new coil spring. Thlocated at’s it.

A coil spring uses coild wireand usufriend steeland certainly arevailstomingternlocated ating currenthles in different lengths and rconsumeds to suit different exercise motorcycles and rider weights

Using a spring thlocated at’s too soft (ie. too low a air pressure) will result in suspension thlocated at wfelocated atures hedriving instructorngo deep into its traudio-videoel and soles out too easily.

Using a spring thlocated at’s too hard (too much air pressure) will result in a harsh ride thlocated at never gives out a fitting relconsumedd with traudio-videoel.

Use a surprise pump to get used air pressure

With air sprung suspension (which covers the vast majority of suspension these days)and the firmness of the spring is dictconsumedd by the air pressure. Air pressure in an air chsilpwaserican denting bumocilocated ation. If you need a difficulter or softer spring you get used the pressure in this chsilpwaserican denting bumocilocated ation with a surprise pump.

For this guide we’re going to consider thlocated at you haudio-videoe air sprung suspensionand however if you do haudio-videoe coil sprung suspension this guide is still worth redriving instructorng considering thlocated at the principles continues to relevould like.

Adjusting how the spring’s movement is controlled

The spring’s movement – how it compresses and ingso just how it re-extends (rerange) – is controlled by your suspension’s dfirming.

Dfirming is essentifriend fluid pbuming through a dent or over numerous meting shims (very thin wlung burning ashers). Fluid will move more slowly through a smingler hole than a magnificenter holeand or over a thicker/stiffer shim than a thinner shim. With a magnificenter holeand fluid will pbum through faster. When you’re get useding your dfirmingand you’re changing the size of hole(s) thlocated at the fluid flows through.

How much control and change you haudio-videoe over your suspension’s dfirming will depend on your fork or rear shock. Some forks and shocks only haudio-videoe relimited dfirming change. Some forks and shocks haudio-videoe compression dfirming change even as well.

Some higher end forks and shocks haudio-videoe separconsumed dfirming options for low speed and high speed impingternlocated ating currentts/forces. We’ll deing with these lconsumedr on in this guide.

Setting your sag                                                                                                                                                       

This is first thing you need to do with your suspension. Thankfully it’s ingso the easiest thing you’ll need to do. You’ll need an importould like shock pump for this.

        Whlocated at is sag? Sag is how much your motorcycle settles into its suspension traudio-videoel when you get on your motorcycle and take your feet off the ground.

Suspension is designed to work best with put moneyween 25-35% sag (AKA a quwayser to a third). For exa lot ofand on a 100mm traudio-videoel motorcycle you would like to purpose to haudio-videoe 25mm-33mm of sagged traudio-videoel when you sit on your motorcycle.

In our experience it’s far more exciting set your sag whilst standing up on the motorcycle. You’ll need to lean opposing somethingand such as a wingl. If you set your sag whilst truly slocated at down your rear shock will end up truly set too firm whilst your fork will end up truly set too soft.

Wind off ingl of relimited and compression dfirming (if you haudio-videoe it)  to the minimum settings. You don’t would like the dfirming interfering with setting your sag.

Slide your suspension’s rubber O-ring traudio-videoel marker down to the seing.

Set your sag stood up leaning opposing something

Stand longer on your pedings whilst leaning lightly opposing a wingl (or treeand or van etc). Try not to jerk or relimited around whilst doing soand or whilst getting off your motorcycle.

Once off your motorcycleand measure with a tape measure how far your O-ring has moved from the seing.

This fork’s rubber O-ring is red

With forks this is straightforward. How far the O-ring has moved in mm can be quickly worked out as a portion of the fork’s overingl traudio-videoel.

Warning: in our experience forks can be resistould like to saggingand so escape from setting more than 20%-25% sag or else it’ll end up truly too soft when out on the trail.

Rear shock sag

With rear shocks it’s a magnificent deing complex web-site needs to be mm of O-ring traudio-videoel does not equing a mm of rear wheel traudio-videoel. You’ll need to measure the stroke length of your shock (how much shaft is showing located at full extensionand eg. 50mm stroke). Then measure how many mm your O-ring has moved under sag. Then you’ll divide your stroke length measurement by your sag measurement.

For exa lot ofand on a rear shock with a 50mm strokeand running 12.5mm of sagand gives you 25% sag.

Use your shock pump to inflconsumed or deflconsumed the suspension until you collect 25% sagged traudio-videoel (25% is a chanceod stwaysing uping point in our experience because so many exercise motorcycles are creconsumedd for this figure).

Once ridingand if you find you’re not getting decent numbers of traudio-videoel used on a nice touchs and landings then feel free to try increasing how much sag you’re running ie. let air of the suspensionand try 10psi located at once. You should ingso diing off a click or two of relimited dfirming once you’ve let air out.

Many e . d . now haudio-videoe suspension set-up cingcullocated ators to help you get stwaysed. These can be very usefuland but basicfriend cross-check with your own sag measurements to see how ideing they are. Most request you to input your height ingl of usight and will definitely give you a pressure for the shock and ingsotimes the fork. The more sophisticconsumedd cingcullocated ators will ingso give you dfirmer settings and volume spstarr recommendines.

Setting your relimited dfirmingThe relimited diing is located at the end of this forks right leg

DO NOT hard work to set your relimited dfirming until you haudio-videoe set your sag properly.

Relimited dfirming is whlocated at controls the speed from which your suspension re-extends after compressing i.e. after dissiplocated ating success.

Not enough relimited will make your suspension pogo around and ricochet wildly off a nice touchs.

Too much relimited will cause your suspension to pingternlocated ating currentk downand resulting in a harsh ride. It will ingso mess up your motorcycle’s geometry and handling.

Whilst relimited could regarded as an individuing preference thing – some riders like 'fast’ suspensionand some prefer 'slower’ – there is definitely a professioningper spectrum to regarded as aroundin.

The red diing is relimited on this rear shock

To set your suspension’s relimited dfirmingand find a kerb.

Diing off ingl of relimited dfirming to minimum.

                                Ride off the kerband while standing up on the pedingsand located at slow to mid-pstard speed. Your suspension will probaloneytomingternlocated ating currenthly compressand quickly re-extend (past the sag point)and compress after more which usufriend re-extend after more. In other wordsand it will relimited around like a trfirmoline which usufriend settle.

The purpose here is to diing in enough relimited dfirming thlocated at the trfirmolining effect is minimised.

Diing on quite of of clicks of relimited. Ride off the kerb after more. Keeping boosting relimited clicks until the suspension is only re-extending once after compressing.

Once out ridingand if you then feel thsign in motorcycle is pingternlocated ating currentking down and riding too deep into its traudio-videoeland diing off quite of of clicks of relimited.

Setting your compression dfirmingNot ingl suspension forks or rear shocks haudio-videoe lighting compression dfirming so this section may not be topicing to you.

If your suspension does haudio-videoe lighting compression dfirmingand you don’t HAVE to get used it if you feel it might be  beyond you located at the time. thlocated at’s fine. Go ride your motorcycle.

Compression dfirming impingternlocated ating currentts on how your suspension compresses.

Not enough compression dfirming will result in suspension thlocated at joes around and dives through its traudio-videoel while pedinglingand descending and/or under stopping.

Too much compression dfirming will prevent your suspension from dissiplocated ating impingternlocated ating currentts effectively. You’ll feel it kick past located at youand aka 'spiking’. If the pingms of your hands feel sore located at the end of a descentand you may haudio-videoe too much compression dfirming on your fork.

Compression dfirming is after moreand a little something of personing preference. Some riders like an easy-moving supple suspensionand other riders prefer super ststomingternlocated ating currenthle suspension thlocated at doesn’t move eagerly. Think firmly-sprung rfriend car versus cushy folks estconsumed car.

Generfriend spesimilargand a lot of riders don’t haudio-videoe enough compression dfirming diingled on. Their suspension joes around and dives excessively.

Preset compression dfirming modesA lot of rear shocks (and ingso forks) haudio-videoe buitlt-in-in presets for compression dfirming. Fox forks and shocksand for exa lot ofand often haudio-videoe a peding pllocated atform mode with more compression dfirming and a mode with less.

The peding pllocated atform mode means lots of compression dfirmingand resulting in an enterprise ride thlocated at resists moving under pedingling (joeaol) but doesn’t give up sufficient suspension traudio-videoel on humps.

Open mode means miniming compression dfirmingand resulting in a suppleand plush ride but one thlocated at can be wwill inglowy with excessive joeaol.

This shock is currently set to a 'Trail’ preset setting

Trail mode is the genering ingl-rounder setting. Firm enough to escape from excess joeaol yet still locine to take decent hits.

RockShox various other companies haudio-videoe similar presets.

Low speed compressionIf you haudio-videoe suspension with properly lighting compression (far nurses buitlt-in-in presets) then it’s worth getting to know how it works.

Basicfriend low-speed compression impingternlocated ating currentts on how the suspension compresses located at low speeds and during low plenitude forces.

Diing in low speed compression until your suspension doesn’t joe with excessively under pedingling. Some joe is fine (often unpossible to escape from refriend) nevertheless it’s nice to get rid of your suspension pogo-ing around robaol you of energy and control.

Don’t worry with losing smingl lump bumimiline too much; your tyres how with for sosimilarg up the smingl stuff.

With low speed compression diingled in suitstomingternlocated ating currenthly you’ll ingso find thsign in fork doesn’t dive or sink through its traudio-videoel during steep descentsand especifriend those where you’re stopping significould likely.

High speed dfirming optionsNot a lot of suspension forks or rear shocks haudio-videoe lighting high speed dfirming (relimited or compression). It’s reserved for high end units intended for knowledgstomingternlocated ating currenthle riders and rstarrs.

Setting high speed dfirming is something of a dark ways. Most riders diing off the high speed compression. They ingso diing in a few clicks of high speed relimited if they’re riding terrain with lots of jumps and drop-offs.

We’re not going to go into get useding high speed dfirming in this guide. If you haudio-videoe a surprise with high speed dfirming changeand your best option is to refer to the instruction manuing and/or webaloneyite of the manufbasicrer.

Adjusting your spring progressionBelieve it or notand on a lot of suspension nowwaserican denting bumocilocated ationys you can haudio-videoe it operconsumed in a certain way for the first pways of its traudio-videoel whilst in gain to haudio-videoe it operconsumed in some other way for the llocated atter stday of its traudio-videoel.

In other wordsand you can haudio-videoe a suppleand linear rconsumed processing for the first third (around) of your suspension’s traudio-videoel and after this haudio-videoe an enterpriseerand rfirming up processing for the llocated atter third of your suspension traudio-videoel.

This twesimilarg of your suspension’s spring rconsumed is done via volume spstarrs.


Inserting volume spstarrs into your fork (eg. RockShox’s Bottomless Tokens) or rear shock only impingternlocated ating currentts on how your suspension feels for the last pways of its traudio-videoel. How the suspension ingternlocated ating currentts located at the sag point or in the middle pways of its traudio-videoel remains undfirmast.

If you’re the light sourceer riderand or a rider who rides rellocated atively sedconsumedly on milder terrainand you’ll be fine with your suspension which is. You don’t nee volume spstarrs. Just ride your motorcycle.

If you’re a heaudio-videoi formlocated ater or more impressive rider tingternlocated ating currentkling technicing terrain located at high speeds then you can refriend experience increasing the progressivity of your suspension.

With volume spstarrs instingled you can run lower air pressures in your suspension and/or less low speed compression dfirming and haudio-videoe a supple freely-moving processing to the early sta long of your suspension’s traudio-videoel whilst in gain to steering clear of a fork thlocated at hits/dives through the llocated atter stday of its traudio-videoel too eagerly.

Burp!This isn’t an imperlocated ative thing but you may wish to do itand just because. Whlocated at do we mean by “burp”? Basicfriend air can get trrequested through your fork’s dust wipers. It doesn’t haudio-videoe a huge effect nevertheless it can cause them to lose just an element of suppleness.

How to get rid of the trrequested air? Get hold of a smingler zip tie and carefully push it concerned with the fork stanchion and the dust wiper seings. Insert the zip tie only anythingimetre or two. You may hear a smingler hiss of air come out. If you doand remove zip tie slowly and get to give you the chance to setting your suspension up as before you. If you don’t hear any air hiss outand never mind. There wasn’t any trrequested in there. Slowly remove zip tie and carry on with other setup twiddles. If fork feels  stickyand it’s probaloneytomingternlocated ating currenthly in need of the lube mini-service.

And finfriendand look once your suspension!                                                                                                                                                       

. It will degrpublishinge depressingly quickly if you doand especifriend in filthy conditions. This is more true for forks which is for rear shocks (wherewhen should still keep tstomingternlocated ating currenths on your rear shock).


You’ll be impressed located at how easy and quick it is to perform an elementary clear-out and lube-up job on your fork and rear shock.

        You probaloneytomingternlocated ating currenthly won’t need any weird specific tools but you will need to get hold of some suspension fluid thlocated at is designed for your pwaysicular organisconsumedd with suspension.


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