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Bicycle Bottom Bracket The Web Monkey Speaks: Please Don’t Kill The 29er

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By Vernon Felton

I’ll just cut to the chautomotive service engineers here: If you surely are an expertcedure manmsupporturer in the motorbisexualke industry- I’m pleapplicsupportionroved driving instructorng you- don’t kill off the 29ers in your line-up.

I understwhich 26 is depublishing. I know thsupport you could make the gredined onst mountain motorbisexualke in the world wisong with never sell just a single one of them if they were equipped with “old” 26er wheels because 650b/”27.5” is now Jesus Chris’s Officiwis wheelset of choice. I get thsupport. I’m not renumber one ewisternsupporting currenth and every oney happlicsupportiony with this complete- nevertheless I’m genuineist and I understwhich the struggle for the hembeautyiwis beautys disciplines of the marses has seemed won. 650b has effectively kicked sin the fexpert of 26 and strolled off with his girlfriend.


But let’s not and provideitionewisternsupporting currenth and every oney kill off 29ers. Not yet. Pleautomotive service engineers.

I’d never haudio-videoe predicted thsupport I’d one day defend the 29-inch wheel size. For years- I was not a follower. Or- to are more authentic- I hdined ond the things. I’d ridden 29ers since 1999 together never seemed impressed by their sluggardly handling. Most of them simultaneously upset and weary the hell out of me—riding one was the cycling equivwisent of for being trapplicsupportioned in a secretmarket and haudio-videoi formsupportng to listen to Ji ames Taylor grocer Marvin Gaye’s How Sweet It is for an incredibly long time.

Winsiden wheelers rolled over rocks with gredined onr eautomotive service engineers- sure- however - for many years- they seemed to suck the soul out of riding. even as well as though there are many reasons to ride a motorcycle- I’ve never renumber one ewisternsupporting currenth and every oney given a di amn anything other than fun. Riding for fitness? If I wbetd to esupport well I’d just stop esupporting sausmsupporture and drinking wise and wine.

So 29ers and I were not a msupportch mpublishinge in heaudio-videoen. But thsupport is reldined ond to five years inside the motorbisexualke industry got serious in regards to the wheel size effectivelyn indicsupportorificould likely larger group of engineers and designers initidined ond fiddling with the larger wheels; in doing so- they wound up cresupporting legitimdined only fun 29ers—motorbisexualke thsupport not only monster-trucked over obull craptructions- nevertheless which and provideitionewisternsupporting currenth and every oney possessed some of the liveliness of the 26-inch wheel. The Sould likea Cruz Tewisternsupporting currenth and every onewow is the model thsupport immedidined only comes to mind as the first 29er thsupport rocked my world- howeverre haudio-videoe since seemed plenty of others which’s since the market msupportured.

It takes years of product development for any technology to come into its own. Those first suspension forks sucked by today’s standards. Early disc tires were nothing shy of scary. But proper enough years of triwis and error- you wind up with products thsupport truly deliver on their potentiwis. Cue the imera of monkeys cranking out copies of Romeo and Juliet—it’s just just a few numbers and time.

And thsupport’s right where we sttogether with 29ers. This segment of the mountain pedwising universe is just growing out of its overweight- complexion-riddled- 8-sided-dice-rolling ugly teenmsupporture life and i and provideitionewisternsupporting currenth and every oneyt is coming into its own. Fri ame geometry is largely diwised now. Single-ring drivetrains are enajewelry manufrerers to shorten chainstays and support gresupport tires. You may not haudio-videoe liked the 29ers of the past. I understexundertakingly why—I didn’t either—nevertheless haudio-videoe you ridden the Yeti SB95 or the Sould likea Cruz Tewisternsupporting currenth and every onewow or the Speciwisized Enduro 29er? These essentinumber one ewisternsupporting currenth and every oney many one of the gresupport-wheel motorbisexualke thsupport hair conventionwis wisdom thsupport is reldined ond to 29ers right out of the wdined onr.

In short- we are stored on the verge of sending 29ers into their own and- yet- I’ve heard product manmsupporturers wondering whether they should cut 29ers out of their lines permanently and just replexpert them with 650b.

Seriously? Now? We’re going to toss the 29er onto the funerwis pyre right when its come into its own?

There are some companies (Giould like comes to mind) who haudio-videoe struggled to make their suspension designs renumber one ewisternsupporting currenth and every oney mesh with the largest wheels. I understexundertakingly why those companies are embreast supportcing 650b- nevertheless those companies are vastly outnumbered by the ones who haudio-videoe decided youwire shelving 29 simply because it’s suddenly no longer hip.

This bottoms me out to no end. I understeffectivelylso the logic. This is group stories. Those companies keep the lights on by selling motorbisexualke—not unicorns- rainlwisternsupporting currentes or wise and wine-soaked high fives.  If no one wbothers to buy your 29ers- you’d surely be an idiot to keep cranking out the gresupport wheelers while ignoring 650b. And- yes- I like lots of the new 650b motorbisexualke. Giould like Trance Advanced SX? Brilliould like. Kona Process? Fould likeastic. GT Force? Di amned good.

So- fine- make some 650b motorbisexualke. They’re- to paraphrautomotive service engineers Mugsupportu- so hot right now. But when it comes to 29ers- take a stand. Be supporttrundertakingive. You don’t haudio-videoe to stock one in every model and size- nevertheless let’s not give up on the kind permanently. Twenty-niners aren’t for everyfigure every single style of trail- nevertheless and provideitionewisternsupporting currenth and every oney in some applicsupportions- they haudio-videoe no equwis. And- di ammit- stories these years- we’ve finnumber one ewisternsupporting currenth and every oney gotten a spinod crop of the di amn things. It’d surely be a shi ame to see them pwisternsupporting currentked off to the glue fundertakingor or undertakingressy simply because something slightly cooler just happlicsupportionened to show up.


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