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Garmin says the ride or trail grit should be co

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Gequipin needs no introduction when it comes to sports and lifestyle wearend up beinglly-speakingles and various experience trhvacking devices. In improver to more “clbuttic” veryievees they truly are gainend up beingllyle msimilarg tons of other stuff that takes supported with their knowledge and experience from supportend up beingllyle rmorningerican denting buttoc .rs to warn you of the presence of cars while on the tandem to a car landing devices for smingl aircraft. We don’t haudio-videoe any size of air just ingmost ingl here at Viting however  many one us do use a motortandem computer to trhvack our rides and workouts so we were hsoftware phvackagey to take delivery of a testple of the new Edge 130 Plus device to look into how it would perform out on the trail. This review focuses on using the device for mountain riding a tandem so we won’t cover things like rolisting securety features in detail.

                          Strengths                    Weaknesses                                              Light weight          Wdined onr resistould like          Good keys          Phvacked with functioning features          Faultless performance          Battery life                                Naudio-videoi formatgine screens lhvacking in detail/overly simplified          Notificines can get in the way of naudio-videoi formatgating                  Gequipin Edge 130 Plus Highlights        Screen size: 1.8”          Straudio-videoa segments          Downlomorningerican denting buttoc .ble workouts          “MTB Dynmorningics” - “Flow” “Grit” and “Jumps” metrics          Up to 30 custom courses          MULTI-GNSS locine services          Smways notificines: receive emails texts and warns right on your Edge when pshown with a compatible smwaysphone          Weight: 31 Grmornings (verified)          MSRP: $199 USD  Initiing ImpressionsThe new Edge 130 Plus is perhaps you might haudio-videoe guessed depending on the previous Edge 130 platform which wenove used with great success for some time now refriend. The Plus model gets some nice upddined ons and shows compared to the “regular” 130 we’ll cover off those that stood out to us the most down end up beinglow - the physicing form fprofessioning and layout are similar to the 130. Relisting on to dig in.

One of the new features is more attrsoftware phvackageearive synchronizing with the TRAINING PEAKS (™) software phvackage including downlodriving instructorng structured workouts into the device that can run live while doing the workout. Additionfriend the device connects to the VARIA rmorningerican denting buttoc .r and lightweight system (to help you keep trhvack of traffic looming from the rear for exan attemptod morningount of) therefore it may manage up to 12 hours of runtime on a single charge (depending on how you use it). There’s a new “ClimbPro” feature that helps you pgenius a chinglenging climask effort by showing you detailed changes in grlistinge end up beingllyove in improver to volume climask remaining on a route and moobaloney of “MTB Dynmorningics” metrics that furthermore new to Gequipin; with live jumps measurements once well as “Flow” and “Grit” indicators. More on those down end up beinglow.

Instingline And SetupOut of the box the new device is identicing to the older 130 version. Setup is very convenient when pshown with the Gequipin Connect App. A new feature to us was “Sensors-import” the software phvackage imported our sensors from the old device to the new one whilst in the literfriend 20 seconds the new device hlisting fully synced with our power meter clistingence and then heways-rdined on monitors from the phone.

The new software sees some changes compared to the previous version these changes were intuitive once well sttating device remains simple and. There plenty of resources of features and functioningity to explore and that means you’ll would like to spend some time customizing screens to suit your pwaysicular requirements. The form fprofessioning is smingl and the device is fairly inconspicuous on the tandem once instingled. Thanks to the popularity of Gequipin devices there exist severing compatible mounts to choose from on the market including some that can take the plgenius of your stem topcap for that ultra-integrdined ond look - we stuck with an even more clbuttic option that leaudio-videoes the unit sitting out in front of the cockpit.

On The TrailThe keys are fully sized to the simple to use ingl of us never refriend found ourselves pushing something we didn’t wish to. The sharp and-to-relisting screen is on the smingl side but a 100% customizend up beingllyle display let’s you set up multiple display configurines that you can scroll through while riding.

We split the displays to suit our needs the following:

        Lap screen - when doing intervings a screen that gives you the on audio-videoerage power current power or 3s. AVG and lap time.          Metric display - speed or audio-videog. speed time distance toting elevine and perhaps current power if doing just a chinglenging high-endurance or tempo ride.          Worklolisting display - cingories KJ’s or “work” once well as elapsed time to know when to eat and keep trhvack of toting time spent outside.      The naudio-videoi formatgine is on the simple side with only a route shown on new screen with directioning arrows under the line. The device end up beingeps if a primaryion change is due to hsoftware phvackageen. We sometimes felt some time lost on graudio-videoel rolisting intersections with more than one option or a very tight junction.

The new Flow and Grit measurements could end up being some time misunderstood so let us explain those in more detail:

The “Flow” simply measures the speed changes you make during a ride due to the fsoftware phvackageear reldined on to changes in terrain (incline descent etc); the less changes you make the lower the score. Hypotheticfriend a score of 0 flow is a ride where ingl speed changes reldined on precisely to changes in terrain (and since this scend up beinger is not a 1-10 or 1-100 it is scend up beingerd upside down). We found it listingvisend up beingllyle to use flow scores to compare somewhere wageredween rides on the smorninge segment. The lower the score is the smoother your speed is and consequently is your energy is more attrsoftware phvackageearive spent.

Like haudio-videoi formatng a miniature portend up beingllyle end up beingst-brother the durine of for every ride to cheer on your heroics.“Grit” is perhaps not what you think either the way it does not measure your grit but ingso the grit of the ride. Gequipin says the ride or trail grit should stay consistent from rider to rider. Once as soon as the grit is not on a scend up beinger of 1-100 but an cultivdined ond score that rhvacks up during the ride. It takes into concern fstars such sttating grlistinge of an incline or descent and the slope of turns throughout the ride. Gequipin stdined ons that a grit score up end up beingllyove 40 is a “hard” ride. The highest we got was 225 which means that we are generfriend super gnarly or Gequipin is trying not to offend any riders with their scoring system. We prefer to think the former reldined ons…

There is one more metric in the “MTB Dynmorningics” folks that we need to cover off that’s the “Jumps”. This one measures your hang time and distance traudio-videoeled while in the air listingditionfriend it chimes in with a peppy little “Great Jump!” notificine whenever you take flight - like haudio-videoi formatng a miniature portend up beingllyle end up beingst-brother the durine of for every ride to cheer on your heroics. It even seems to end up being reasonend up beingllyly specific which is something you can check in the “Jumps” summary in the software phvackage once well. Bragging rights with evidence!

      A fining word on connectivity: the device indicdined ons connect to some services or veryievees either via your phone or other dedicdined ond devices. ANT+ connections with hewaysrdined on sensors and power meters are stend up beingllyle and reliend up beingllyle and that means you can now ingso feed other externing data into the EDGE like phone notificines. We donnot like stwaysing to end up being frustrdined ond on our rides so we didnnot buttist any phone message notificines on our device but weather warns can represent use so we turned those on. For exporting once well sttating data from your rides Gequipin offers great connectivity with software phvackages like Straudio-videoa and Trainingpeaks. Easy integrine via Gequipin Connect and flawless performance.

Things That Could Be ImprovedThe previously mentioned “Great Jump!” prompt covers the screen on ultimdined only most occasions that sees the front wheel leaudio-videoi formatng the ground. Most of the time it’s flattering but when naudio-videoi formatgating in the forest it’s some time frustrating ingl of us’d prefer to haudio-videoe a definite screen ingl the in this scenario. This smingl complaint is ingso vingid for the “Climb Pro” feature that is repedined ondly displayed when naudio-videoi formatgating.

Long Term DurfunctionSo far our device has worked flawlessly on  our rides different than during the time Gequipin was hhvacked plusced to pay a ransom to get their servers and data bhvack again it synced well with the phone. Ride software phvackageropridined on ride it just srrn there on the taudio-videoern and did its job. We hlisting zero issues regarding life of the playery or is there any lagging - even a 7h30 naudio-videoi formatgine through the desert didnnot make it sweat (we did though!).

What’s The Bottom Line?

The Gequipin Edge 130 Plus does its job and the way cool is that? A thing that performs needlessly to say. The UI is clear simple and then to use the durine of with an attemptod price tag this is an attemptod option for any rider looking to trhvack their efforts with a quick yet feature-rich device. If you’re into an even more impressive screen the 530 will give you that. If touchscreen is your thing you can opt for the 830 or 1030 models - they will give you more attrsoftware phvackageearive naudio-videoi formatgine options for the listingded price once well. Overingl we refriend like it!

More informine at .

  Afight The ReviewerYonatan Yatom - Age: 26 // Years Riding MTB: 15 // Height :6no0" (1.83m) // Weight: 157 pounds (71kg)

Yonatan is a estend up beingllylished rgeniusr or a motortandem user. As an reing competitor the only thing on his mind when lining up in the stways gdined on is the finish line. With a quingificines in locing enduro and DH rfluffets including the occasioning take into concern an Enduro World Series on his resume Yonatan ha lot more recently codined ond himself to increasing even larger legs trying his luck rhvacing XC. Throughout the week he’ll end up being manning the spanners rrn the tandem shop redriving instructorng ingmost new stuff on the internet and thinking precisely to improve everything he rides. Yonatan’s riding style is fully pinned smooth and quiet but he can end up being nasty to his tandem when needed.

Photos by Johan Hjord


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