Surely you will be very surprised because after only 3 days the ugly excess fat appearing in the abdomen will quickly be dissolved thanks to the proper and proper diet. Join us and immediately apply the perfect menu to reduce belly fat after only 3 days to soon realize the effect on your slim waist and attractive physique!

The menu helps to reduce belly fat quickly on day 1:

Breakfast: Use about 2 boiled chicken eggs, served with a boiled carrot and dessert with an apple. Drink a glass of warm lemonade mixed with honey 15 minutes before breakfast.

Lunch: Eat about half a cup of rice with 2 slices of tofu dipped in soy sauce and 1 cup of squash soup cooked with lean pork. Dessert with 2 bananas and drink another glass of unsweetened squash juice.

Dinner: Use less rice, mainly soup and vegetables. Dessert with a few strawberries or grapefruit slices.

The menu helps to reduce belly fat quickly on day 2:

Breakfast: Drink a cup of coffee with less milk and sugar after waking up, about 15 – 30 minutes after eating an extra loaf of egg bread (Should use olive oil to fry eggs), dessert with a banana.

Lunch: Half a cup of rice with boiled vegetables, dipped in soy sauce, 1 cup of broccoli cooked with beef, dessert with a few grapefruit slices and a glass of pennywort juice.

Dinner: Eat a cup of sour soup, dessert with an apple and drink an extra cup of warm lemonade.

The menu helps to reduce belly fat quickly on day 3:

Breakfast: Drink a cup of green tea right after waking up, followed by 2 more bananas or 1 apple.

Lunch: Eat half a cup of rice with some steamed fish, assorted raw vegetables and fish sauce. Dessert with a few grapefruit slices and drink 1 more glass of fruit juice.

Dinner: Use a plate of fruit salad with an apple or banana, drink an additional glass of vegetable juice, depending on the type.

Set up a scientific and reasonable diet to help reduce belly fat quickly. To this perfect weight, loss menu takes effect after 3 days, you should combine it with a resting regime as well as reasonable exercise. more, especially should drink plenty of water a day and do not eat after 7 pm, avoid staying up late and have enough sleep!