The common characteristic of most vegetables is that they contain a lot of water, high fiber, low energy, no fat, so they have the effect of losing weight if eaten in the right amount.

Some fruits with low energy such as grapes (14kcal / 100g), plums (20kcal / 100g), guava (38kcal / 100g) …, but are not recommended for fat loss because of sourness, colds. hungry and ravenous, eating more will be harmful to the stomach.

But some of the following vegetables have an effective fat loss effect, without affecting the health of people who are in the process of losing weight and have been studied by scientists in clinical trials.


Cucumber is a cucurbit fruit that contains very little sugar, refreshing taste, lots of amino acids, vitamin C, vitamin A (beta carotene). We can see cucumber is one of the vegetables with the lowest energy, only 16kcal / 100g. Plenty of water should work to quench thirst quickly. In cucumbers, there is propyl alcohol diacid, belonging to the flavonoid group, which can restrict sugars from turning into fat. Therefore, eating cucumber has a very good effect on fat loss. In particular, cucumber has tartaric acid, which also prevents carbohydrates from being converted into fat. In addition, the content of beta carotene in cucumbers is very high (138 micrograms), so it has an antioxidant effect, slows down the aging process of the skin, blemishes freckles, wrinkles on the face.


Jicama is high in water and does not contain any fat. Like cucumbers, the amount of water in the tubers is high (92g / 100g tubers), low energy (28kcal / 100g); Therefore, it is also an effective weight loss vegetable. This is a rustic dish of families.


This is also one of the vegetables that have been studied a lot about the weight loss effect. In addition to the low energy of cabbage (29kcal / 100g), rich in fiber (1.6g / 100g), the fat loss effect of cabbage is in anthocyanins, belonging to flavonoid group, which reduces insulin. Therefore, it also reduces the absorption of sugar into the blood. Cabbage soup has been included in many slimming menus, which has shown a clear weight loss effect. In cases of severe obesity, you can eat cabbage soup on a daily menu, without risk to health because the nutritional content of cabbage is quite balanced, with a high protein content compared to vegetables. (1.8g / 100g) and the average amount of glucose is 5.3g / 100g, so it does not cause hypoglycemia.


Grapefruit is a fruit that many scientists have studied the effects of fat loss. Some studies by US scientists at the Center for Digestive and Nutrition Research show that the chemical components of grapefruit have the effect of reducing the amount of insulin in the blood. Therefore, it will reduce cravings. The flavonoids found in grapefruit help to increase the liver’s ability to burn excess fat, reduce blood glucose absorption, and lower triglycerides (fat) in the blood. In addition, in grapefruit, the very high content of vitamin C (95mg), has antioxidant effects, thus reducing the risk of cancer.


Apple contains pectin, a substance that can reduce hunger quickly, and help stabilize blood glucose, eliminate excess fat in the body. In order to achieve the most effective weight loss effect, you should eat apples with the whole skin, because apple skin contains the most fiber. Apples also provide a high amount of vitamin C (34mg / 100g), which increases the vascular strength and resistance of the body.